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9th Sep 2017 (from Irish HUA)

EYHL Umpires Pre-Season Workshop and Fitness Testing (10:45) @ TBC

21st Jan 2018 (from Irish HUA)

EYHL Umpires Mid-Season Workshop and Fitness Testing (10:45) @ TBC

Recent News Items
21st March 2017
Assessor Promotion (from Irish HUA)

Congratulations to Alison Keogh on obtaining her Umpire Assessor Accreditation.

7th March 2017
Another 'Century' Achieved (from Irish HUA)

For the second season running, we are delighted to announce that IHUA has reached a cumulative total of over 100 umpire assessments and coachings in national competitions and Inter-pros. There are still some remaining umpires to the watched and we hope to complete these in the next few weeks.

Robert Johnston has done a magnificent job with all these 'watching' appointments and he sends out a big thank you to all those appointed for their continued support and assistance to the personal development of all those umpires.

As ever its very important that all watching reports are completed on the Portal within 2-3 days of the match so the umpire can put your feedback into practice before their next match.

Assessing and coaching at Provincial Level is extremely important. If anyone is interested in becoming an umpire assessor or umpire coach please contact Robert Johnston by email - and he can register your name of any upcoming courses.

5th March 2017
EYHL and Irish Cup Competitions - EXPENSES SUBMISSION (from Irish HUA)

We would ask everyone to please submit your umpiring expenses for January and February 2017 to the respective Umpire Coordinators for approval prior to submission to Hockey Ireland for payment. This will assist with the payment of expenses and ensure you receive your payment as soon as possible. Please do not delay your submission to the end of the season. Thank you.

Men's Umpire Coordinator, Tom Goode -

Women's Umpire Coordinator, Jamie Aiken -

2nd March 2017
Umpire Promotion (from Irish HUA)

Many congratulations to Christine Reid on achieving her FIH International Umpiring Badge. Well done!

27th February 2017
Assessor Promotion (from Irish HUA)

Congratulations to Kris Cholewa on obtaining his Umpire Assessor Accreditation.

22nd February 2017
Connacht Finals seeking Umpires (from Irish HUA)

Connacht are looking for the help of two umpires to cover their cup finals on Saturday the 15th of April 2017.

The games will be played at 12.00 noon and 2.00 pm and are taking place in Dangan in Galway. Expenses will be covered by Connacht hockey.

If you available and keen to help, please contact Ais Keogh. Her e-mail is

Please try and help out if you can.

15th February 2017
Assessor Promotion (from Irish HUA)

Congratulations to Adare Brady and Gail Taylor on obtaining their official Umpire Assessor Accreditation.

Umpire Promotion (from Irish HUA)

Congratulations to Linda Coughlan on her upgrade to the National Development Panel following her recent above grade assessments.

1st February 2017
Card Reports (Irish Competitions only) (from Irish HUA)

The HI Discipline Committee has asked us to remind all umpires who are involved in cup games that have NO table, that all yellow and red card reports must be forwarded WITHIN 48 HOURS of the match.

To ensure that the proper disciplinary procedures are followed (suspensions etc.) it is extremely important that your card reports are received without delay, particularly as we are drawing near semi-finals and finals of the cup competitions!

The required report forms can be found under 'Information & Downloads'.

Your compliance is much appreciated.

28th January 2017
Player Concussion (from Irish HUA)

Concussion in sport is a serious matter. For this reason, two new documents have been uploaded onto this website for the 'awareness' of ALL umpires (click 'information and downloads button).

It is important to emphasise that the PRIME responsibility lies with the player and their team - NOT the umpire.

However, it is essential that all umpires recognise the symptoms and if you have concerns about any player, stop the match and recommend that the team (through their manager or captain) takes the appropriate action in accordance with the Hockey Ireland guidelines.

Remember: Concussion does not always involve losing consciousness therefore you must take any of these symptoms very seriously!!

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